Learn how to record events in images, words and colour.
Get started with the Graphic Recording Beginner’s Workshop.

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Already a designer and want to add on skills to your porfolio? Try graphic recording. Workshops give you a better understanding of the process. Experienced visual recording practitioners will further provide better insights of how graphic recording and facilitation works.

If you want to try this out and if you feel you cannot draw, we’d be able to help you. Can you draw a circle, an arrow or a square? You may be surprised with yourself by the end of this one day beginner workshop. Tools will be provide. Just drop us a line.


10am – 5pm

Register by the 15th of every month.

Complete this form: Workshop Registration Form – Savvyscriber
and email it to

GR/BW01 – 31 January 2016.
GR/BW02 – 28 February 2016.
GR/BW03 – 27 March 2016.
GR/BW04 – 24 April 2016.
GR/BW05 – 29 May 2016.
GR/BW06 – 26 June 2016.
GR/BW07 – 24 July 2016.
GR/BW08 – 28 August 2016.

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